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Why E-commerce Platform Developments increases during this pandemic of COVID-19?

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Today, once again I come up with another most crucial blog on the topic of E-commerce platform developments are increasing day by day in this pandemic time. As per my research, I found some key points that why E-commerce Platform development demand increased in this pandemic time where most of the businesses are going to shut down their business due to lack of revenue generation, lack of customer's purchasing interest. 

Why people's are preferring online shopping instead of the local store visit to their home area?

Due to COVID-19 peoples are getting afraid to get in touch with any physical object. hence, they are turning to purchase required products online from e-commerce websites. and this is the main reason that everyone is wanted to start their own e-commerce platform. as per my research most of the businesses moving their business from offline to online with the help of E-commerce development.

buyers turn to online and mobile shopping to buy groceries, daily needs, and other products. A recent survey cited in the report declared that a double-digit share of the online sellers was buying more digitally due to COVID-19, and some of them chose the practice for the first time during the outbreak. The share of global retail sales produced via E-Commerce is rising, as a result, projected to reach one-third by 2024.

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Statistics about e-commerce and consumer behaviour shifts amid COVID-19

As per the survey held by PYMNTs 52%: consumers that won’t go back to grocery shopping in-store. hence, the grocery market is shifting its selling practices online selling instead of offline selling

New research from Digital Commerce 360 shows 58%: online buyers expect to order more online in the coming months. buyers are committed to continuing online shopping to reduce their exposure to others among the outbreak. With no end in sight with lockdowns in many. 

Closing Statement

Throughout this blog, I have tried my level best to provide such information related to the topic. moreover, I wanted to add this is the right time to kick start your e-commerce business and become an online seller. Turn your offline business online with an E-commerce solution.

I really believe that this article enables you to explore and choose the best decision towards your business that you want to scale-up your business with e-commerce solution or not in this duration?

PS: I have tried to cover as many aspects as possible to the best of my knowledge. While I have tried to use publicly available information as much as possible, I have also used some knowledge that I have felt like a part of this industry. If you find any information to be fallacious or need more clarification on any topic that I have encountered upon, please feel free to reach out to me on


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